Dear Mr. Hasna, Dear members of the Muslim community in Slovakia, On behalf of the undersigned organizations and individuals living in Slovakia we would like to express our sympathies and support to you and your families. We are deeply sorry and, at the same time, alarmed by the appalling remarks made by the Slovak Prime […]

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Call for Humaniry: II. round open


16 November 2015 -The Programme Operator informs potential grant applicants within the Call for Humanity Programme that financial allocation for this call was increased from the original €156 750 to €242 272. The amount was increased due to the refusal of the approved grant within the first Call by the Slovak Catholic Charity. The remaining information provided […]

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Bilateral Fund: Call for applications


Nadácia otvorenej spoločnosti – Open Society Foundation as the Programme Operator of the Democracy and Human Rights Programme announces a call for grant applications within the Bilateral Fund as of 2 November 2015. The Bilateral Fund will support grant applications aimed at the following: networking and building partnerships, sharing and transferring knowledge, technology, experience, know-how […]

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NGO Fund – Results of evaluation within the Third Call

10.09.2015 , , , , ,

The Fund operator has received 120 grant applications within the Third Call for Grant Applications for Non-governmental Organisations (SK03) announced on 27th May 2015. The Board of Trustees of NOS-OSF has been on 9th September 2015 deciding about 107 submitted grant applications, which successfully fulfilled administrative and eligibility criteria. Taking into account evaluations of experts, […]

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Additionaly proceeding Applications for III. Call

13.08.2015 , , ,

Applicants that provided missing attachements to their applications for the III. Call are proceeding to assesment of content complience. List of additionaly proceeding applications in SK: Zoznam postupujúcich dopĺňaných  žiadostí.

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List of expert evaluators of III. Call

4.08.2015 , , , ,

We are introducing expert evaluators will asses the Applications for the III. Call of Democracy and Human Rights Programme.

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Received and proceeding Application for the III. Call

3.08.2015 , ,

Please see the list of all received applications and list of those, who met all the administrative criteria.

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9.07.2015 , ,

The Open Society Foundation continues its campaign against hatred in cyberspace. You can now visit the web site www.povedzmitodooci.sk and share videos designed to raise awareness of the harmfulness of hatred. Hates are everywhere. Especially in cyberspace. You can find them in article discussions, social networks, anywhere where haters can shelter behind the anonymity of […]

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See you at Bažant Pohoda festival!

7.07.2015 , , , , , , ,

Meet us at the festival at our infopoints and participate in our discussions and campaigns!

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