Journalism Award

Every year, we draw attention to quality journalism through this award.

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Question of Will

Vystúpenia, výstavy a prednášky na tému otázky vôle.

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Without prejudice

We cooperate with the Plenipotentiary of the Government of the Slovak Republic for Roma Communities on the preparation of support strategies in the field of communication.

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Together for all families

We support life partnerships

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We Are Open

We are creating an online map of Slovakia with information on positive spaces where everyone can feel safe and comfortable.

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With this campaign, we are reacting to the spreading of hateful messages on the internet.

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We organize public discussions on current social issues on regular basis.

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Inkluzívne vzdelávanie

Inkluzívne vzdelávanie je spoločný menovateľ našich aktivít v oblasti vzdelávania. Len tento typ vzdelávania dokáže zabezpečiť otvorenú a rôznorodú spoločnosť.

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Frontline Club Slovakia

In informal discussions, we open topics that resonate within the society.

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