Study visit ‘PRIDE and beyond’

Call: B
Area: Bilaterálny fond
Organization name: Saplinq
Amount: 6 510 €

Project aims to enhance competencies of LGBT activist with special focus on community work through a study visit in two partner organizations. Idea of the project comes from a need to find experienced partner organizations with expertise in the field of community work aimed at LGBT community. We are currently seeking partners due to the fact that our organization is preparing several short and long-term projects 2016-2017.Main goals of the study visit is sharing know-how and examples of good practice in the field of community work for LGBT people in order to: 1. enhancing quality of the PRIDE festival in Kosice,2. finalization of a project draft of the future community center in Kosice for LGBT community, 3. preparation of educational and community projects for the period 2016-2017.Planned outcomes of the project are following: 1. specific proposals for the festival PRIDE in Kosice based on consultations with more experienced team from Norway in order to enhance the quality of the programme of the festival, 2. finalization of the project proposal of the community center, 3. partner agreements within upcoming projects for the period 2016-2017. Primary target group of the project who are at the same time participants of the two study visits are members and co-workers of the non-profit organization Saplinq with different levels of experience and expertise who are active in various regions of Slovakia. They all act as multipliers on national level. Secondary target group consist of young people who are benefitiaries of projects and activities provided by members of our group. Partnerships started within this project are seen as a starting point for a long-term cooperation on our future projects.