Advocating towards the ratification and implementation of the Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence

Call: 1
Area: Gender equality and combating gender-based violence
Organization name: Možnosť voľby
Amount: 97 455 €

On May 5th, 2011, the Slovak Republic signed the CoE Convention on Preventing and Combating of Violence against Women and Domestic Violence. The Convention sets duties of the State in the field of prevention of violence, support and help to the survivors, holding the perpetrators accountable and monitoring. In case of its ratification, the convention will trigger the need for changes in legislation, as well as institutional background of combating gender based violence. With a view to making the process of ratification easier and supporting it, we are planning to carry out the following activities:
• Dissemination of information on the Convention and its impact towards public and ministries, as well as public institutions
• Creating working group/coalition supporting the Convention
• Gathering of experience, examples from practice (both good and bad practice)