Creation of the models, methodologies and guidelines to eliminate the segregation of Roma pupils in schools for the needs of public policies

Call: 3
Area: Democracy, good governance and transparency
Organization name: eduRoma – Roma education project
Amount: 13 237 €

EduRoma initiated eight workshops with representatives from State Inspection. As a result from this meetings is proposal of methodology for monitoring and reduction of segregation of Roma children in schools. eduRoma will carefully elaborate and test it in everyday school praxis before it will be finalized. The project will be realized in regions – Presov, Košice, Banská Bystrica and Bratislava. We expect from representatives of State and Publicadministration new capacities, competences and knowledge from our seminars so they could clearly express concerns of discriminated Roma children and parents and they will assert them in local and national level. The result from the project will be creation of changes in education policy and legislative in regional and state level – monitoring of segregation in schools in forms of methodical approaches and guidance based on advocacy materials and human rights codex. The methodology for desegregation will be advocacy material for influence regional and state conceptions and strategies of learning. Main interest will be aimed to children and parents from Roma communities and the schools which will be connected to the process of cooperation with stakeholders and could suggest effective tools for desegregation educational policy. For long term there will be benefits for whole society.

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