Exhibition Ursula Mayer: Gonda

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21.3. – 8.4. 2017, Bratislava, Open Gallery

Screening of film Gonda by Ursula Mayer. Curated by Boris Ondreička for Question of Will.

March 21st – April 8th 2017
Mon – Fri 13:00 – 19:00
Open Gallery, Baštová 5
curatorial tour April 6th 18:00

GONDA is a film (2013, 16mm and HD-video, 20 min, colour, sound) and book (Sternberg Press) by the Austrian artist Ursula Mayer, living in London, with the text / script by the Northern-Irish author and critic Marie Fusco. The basis for GONDA was a group reading of passages from the Ayn Rand’s play Ideal (1934), by the interdisciplinary group of friends of both authors. Rand’s Ideal was also the basis for an unrealized project of Félix Guattari “Project for a Film by Kafka” (1986). The main character in GONDA is played by the transgender model Valentijn de Hingh, with the aim of creating a narrative outside of the heteronormative binarity, which is a hegemony in the film industry. Mayer refers to GONDA as a non-gender story of multiple monologues of bodies, matter and consumerism. GONDA has brought Mayer one of the most prestigious awards for experimental or “radical” cinematography – a Derek Jarman Award.


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