Aflatoun – Strengthening social inclusion through targeted action 

The project supported a partnership initiative aimed at promoting innovation in the field of social and financial education for children, their parents and teachers/professionals, as well as the exchange of experiences between the partners involved.  

Thanks to the project’s activities, it was possible to bring about change in education in an area that is rarely addressed by schools in our countries (or it is addressed only informally and marginally, without setting specific goals).  

The project increased the competences of teachers working with the target groups. Parents were also involved in direct work with children, which underlined our conviction that they are the most important people in children’s lives who can influence their attitudes and support them in a positive approach to the world.  

The project focused on developing the competences of primary and secondary school pupils, especially their social and civic competences, through the introduction of the programme Aflatoun, an innovative integrated social and financial education programme in the 3 participating countries (Slovakia, Serbia and the Netherlands).  

We have built the social and financial education curriculum of this project on the principle that a person’s personal, social and economic life are interconnected, and in order to pursue their goals and reach their full potential, children should learn about them in a holistic way. 

The activities in which the children were involved motivated them to learn actively and independently and to want to understand the world in which they live.   

What did we achieve? 

The project involved 15 educational institutions from 3 countries – Slovakia, the Netherlands and Serbia. Thanks to the 45 workshops that were carried out, we managed to reach 120 children and 30 parents. We trained 15 trainers, 60 teachers and other professionals. We organised a round table in each of the participating countries and presented the project and its results at a joint conference. 

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We created a training manual on social and financial education (how to conduct trainings of trainers) and training manuals on social and financial education for teachers, pedagogical staff and professional staff in 4 language versions – English, Dutch, Slovak and Serbian. 

We also prepared a material “Recommendations for policy makers”, which is applicable at international and national level (again in 4 languages – English, Dutch, Slovak, Serbian).