Complementary actions

Complementary actions are supportive activities within EEA and Norway grants 2009-2014, program „Democracy and human rights“. They aim to strengthen cooperation, exchange of know-how and best practices between fund operator (NOS-OSF) and similar entities in donor countries as well as beneficiary countries and thus contribute to implementation of the program. NOS-OSF uses complementary actions to emphasize cross-cutting issues such as fights against hate-related violence, work with new media or support to local and community NGOs.

Activities focus on needs in four priority program areas:

1.    Democracy, good governance and transparency.
2.    Human rights including minority rights.
3.    Gender equality and gender-based violence.
4.    Fight against discrimination, racism and xenophobia.

In priority area Democracy, good governance and transparency we aim to organize activities leading to more efficient and reliable justice, good governance and transparent management of public resources. In autumn 2014, NOS-OSF has organize conference „Together for efficient and reliable justice“ under the patronage of president of the Slovak republic, Mr. Andrej Kiska. One of the key conference outcomes showed that we lack practical application of legal ethics in justice and we also lack it in educational process of future legal professions.

In priority area Human rights including minority rights we aim to focus on human rights education and application of human rights principles into daily life.

In priority area Fight against discrimination, racism and xenophobia we focus on hate-related violence and verbal incidents as a form of hate-related violence, but also against any form of discrimination. We want to address these issues not only t experts, but also to general public. In the past, we have organized e.g. discussion forums within film festival „4 Živly“ on topic hate-related behavior and crime and their social impact; educational activities and training about ways of informing public and how to handle victims of hate-related violence for academics (students and future pedagogues of journalism)

Gender equality and gender-based violence is one of the priority areas as well as cross-cutting issue of the program „Democracy and human rights“. The program creates opportunities for networking of NGOs and formation of non-formal coalitions or platforms in this topic.

Participation of children and youth is cross-cutting issue of the program „Democracy and human rights“ and special attention is given to this topic in supported projects. NOS-OSF supports this topic also within complementary actions. In April 2015, we have organized conference  „Empowering Children and Youth in Active Citizenship and Human Rights“ where we have shared best examples and methods how to work, motivate children and young people with organizations working with them. The conference was organized in partnership with The Institute for Financial Literacy in Iceland.

Besides that we have organized international campaign Masturhate, which is a reaction on hate-based behavior on internet. In 2014, we invited web page users to refuse hate-based comments on internet discussions, articles and social networks. Hashtag #masturhate enabled everyone to label hate-related content and contribute to friendly and tolerant online space. This year, we focus mainly on education of general public about phenomenon of hate through campaign „Tell it to me   straight to my eyes“.

In November 2014, we have organized conference EEA Connections II, which aimed to connect initiatives and create space for mutual inspiration. The program was accompanied by regional workshops, taking place in Banska Bystrica and Prešov, focusing on need assessment of local NGOs working in regions. Both initiatives contributed to set up of the Third call in the Program.