For the sake of good choice: To make your mum understand

It is often difficult to explain the work of non-profit sector. And it is even harder to clarify the judicial system’s functioning. However, civil organisation Via Iuris managed to launch a successful campaign on jurisdiction. Their video-films and information graphics were very visible prior to election of the Supreme Court’s Chairman in Slovakia. Thus, the campaign For the sake of good choice serves as good practice example which managed to present non-mainstream topic to lay public.

Superar summer school in Srebrenica: Music connects Serbian and Bosnian children

Great Superar summer school hosted children from different countries including small singers from Banská Štiavnica. Read and see for yourself how music changes relationships between today’s generation of Serbs and Bosnians.

They are different, but they still wish to live with us, not beside us

The Association to help to people with mental disability in Slovakia is opening its thirteenth chamber – it fights the myths surrounding mentally challenged persons.

Sport has the power to unite, proved refugees’ soccer match

Soccer was brought right to the centre of Bratislava by the You Are Welcome Among Us event organised on occasion of the World Refugees‘ Day.

Tom Nicholson’s marathon in Slovakia

During the Slovak marathon, an investigative journalist discusses current status of Slovakia, its level of corruption and potential for change with young people.

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