Quo Vadis empowers Roma women

Watch video about the project and get inspired to participate in the III. Call of NGO Fund grant programme.

Lets stop violence in any form

We are sayinf STOP to violence in any form. However, gender based violence is a phenomenon, that has long tradition in our country and is an accepted form of violence. Women experience gender based violence much more than men and these violent acts put women in un-equal position. Ratifictaion of Istanbul Agreement will contribute to […]

Pro Bono Marathon connected people from NGOs and business

Event organised as part of project Heads are helping engaged creatives, consultants or lawyers in helping NGOs.

Slatinka fights for public interest

Watch video about the project and get inspired to participate in the III. Call of the NGO Fund grant programme.

Dizajnfórum: You will enter different world in Drienovec

In a place where state educates Roma with batons, they work with children and their parents.


The Board of Nadácia otvorenej spoločnosti – Open Society Foundation closed the selection process last week. From 8 June 2015, Ján Orlovský is the new head of the OSF. The Board of the Foundation completed the open call for applicants for the position of Executive Director of the Foundation last week. Ján Orlovský succeeds Marek […]

Introducing Lifetime Partnership

A broad coalition of non governmental organizations introduced a shared platform Životné partnerstvo (Lifetime partnership) to reach public support and gain a legal recognition of the same sex couples and their families

Not only for parents: new publications of our grantees available for download

These days three new publications from our grantees were presented to the public.

Racism and extremism at stadiums need more attention, says a sports journalist

Approximately forty future journalists and TV editors from the Department of Journalism at Comenius University in Bratislava attended a workshop called Media Versus Racism and Extremism in Sports, organized by the Institute for Intercultural Dialogue (Inštitút pre medzikultúrny dialóg, IPMD).

Misery in Slovakia: A topic that belongs to the theatre

Nacionalizmus, národná identita či postoj voči inakosti. Divadlo Pôtoň s mladými ľuďmi v rámci vzdelávacieho projektu hovorí o spoločenskej situácii na Slovensku.

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