Dear Mr. Hasna, Dear members of the Muslim community in Slovakia, On behalf of the undersigned organizations and individuals living in Slovakia we would like to express our sympathies and support to you and your families. We are deeply sorry and, at the same time, alarmed by the appalling remarks made by the Slovak Prime […]

Communication on the increase of financial allocation

Správca programu oznamuje potenciálnym žiadateľom o poskytnutie finančného príspevku z Programu Výzva k ľudskosti, že bola zvýšená finančná alokácia pre túto výzvu z pôvodnej sumy 156 750 € na novú sumu 242 272 €.

Call for Humaniry: II. round open

16 November 2015 -The Programme Operator informs potential grant applicants within the Call for Humanity Programme that financial allocation for this call was increased from the original €156 750 to €242 272. The amount was increased due to the refusal of the approved grant within the first Call by the Slovak Catholic Charity. The remaining information provided […]

Bilateral Fund: Call for grant applications

Nadácia otvorenej spoločnosti – Open Society Foundation as the Programme Operator of the Democracy and Human Rights Programme announces a call for grant applications within the Bilateral Fund as of 2 November 2015. The Bilateral Fund will support grant applications aimed at the following: networking and building partnerships, sharing and transferring knowledge, technology, experience, know-how […]

TIPOS in cooperation with the Plea for Humanity redistributes first resources for acute refugee aid.

The first funds from the donation of TIPOS will be distributed to organizations providing practical assistance in a worsening refugee crisis in the coming days. Reallocation is based on the decision of the Council of the Plea for Humanity. The Council consists of initiators of the Plea, independent expert and representatives of the Tipos company as non-voting observers.

If people don’t like them, they throw bottles at their heads

A civic association helps to draw attention to incidents of domestic violence against women working in sex business. They have managed to start cooperation with the police and with women working on the street or in brothels. Pointing guns at their heads, threatening with a knife, rapes, fights, strangling or insults. A white van parked near […]

Primitive or sick – doctors frequently turn down trans patients

The civic association TransFúzia was the first organization in Slovakia to map the struggles endured by people who want to have their gender identity recognized by doctors. The most common problem of transgender people is to find a doctor. The research lead by the civic association TransFúzia monitoring the access to medical care for trans […]

Do the Roma have their political leaders?

The Czech and Slovak documentary film Tvoj čas (Your Time) portrays the way how Roma political leaders have changed in 25 years and why in Slovakia, they have a higher chance to succeed in regional politics, whereas in the Czech Republic, they do better in national elections. Do the Roma even have political leaders and […]

So the politicians will play fair

Slovensko v roku 2008 nevýhodne odpredalo emisné kvóty garážovej firme. Odhaduje sa, že tým prišlo o 66 miliónov eur. Napriek závažnosti kauzy úrady jej vyšetrovanie zastavili. V roku 2014 však Aliancia Fair-play zverejnila nové závažné informácie o prípade.

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