Young Roma students citizenship competencies development in Košice & Banská Bystrica region

Call: 3
Area: Human rights including minority rights
Organization name: PROVENTUS
Amount: 4 500 €

The project aims at building competencies of active citizenship and development of electoral literacy among the young generation (pupils) of Roma communities in the region of Banska Bystrica and Košice region. The mission of this project is to instill primary pupils – future Roma voters / leader knowledge of their human and civil rights as well as electoral values and thus strengthen their electoral literacy through experiential practical training. The project will established a network of experts dealing with this issue, processed and pilot lectured professional materials and built four experiential workshops for the target group – students from MRC. All this should help change behavior of the target group and to create synergies in the local community. The project responds to the low social participation of members of marginalized Roma communities into society-wide events in Slovakia and its negative image in the eyes of the majority public. It is aimed at promoting the inclusion of excluded Roma communities as well as the socio-economic activities enhancing the capacity of disadvantaged groups through community activities. The objectives of the project focus and mainly reflect the low  election competences development as the associated low turnout of Roma within society-wide decision-making processes, particularly in local elections as well as preventing negative phenomena such as electoral corruption, manipulation of the voter registration etc .. The project also reacts to knowledge of civil, ethnic and human rights of youg Roma population members.  We based on the assumption that only education and training can motivate company / young people to change the entire society wanted behavior and also that experiential learning is the best way to take today’s young people in the flood of information, which they are flocking from all sides.  We believe that the project will create synergies in improving conditions for the functioning of civil society, not only in MRC