Young Roma students gender tolerance development in Gemer & Malohont region

Call: 3
Area: Gender equality and combating gender-based violence
Organization name: Central Europe Institute for management and development
Amount: 9 000 €

The aim of this project is developing and implementing interactive experiential-learning program for teachers and pupils of elementary schools prepared and implemented in cooperation with experts on civil society development, gender equality, anti-discrimination and promote an equal opportunities. The intention is to instill in children values ​​which could immediately apply in their daily lives and to spread immediately further in their community. The proposed project includes sensitiveness activities reinforcing children and young people in education for human rights and gender equality, prevention of abuse, bullying and gender-based violence as well as activities designed to prevent homophobic and transphobic hate hate speech and hate crimes. The project also includes activities of strengthening political and economic status of Roma women and girls and women and girls experiencing multiple discrimination. One aim of the project is also strengthening NGO capacity and improving conditions for the functioning of civil society.Invest into the young generation is best investment ever. We therefore think that this project will significantly contribute to building civil society and foster active citizenship not only in the region of Gemer and Malohont.