The Guardian of Transparency and Democracy in the Field of Public Finance

Call: 1
Area: Democracy, good governance and transparency
Organization name: Proti korupcii
Amount: 74 677,80 €

Overpriced orders are well-known problem. We have strayed so far that corruption and defraduation of public funds are the standard, that the society has surrended to. Government conviction is that nothing can be done. Experience has told us that even in revealed cases, writing about corruption does nothing, and we think that this issue should be addressed consistently and systematically, even up to the point of criminal charges and lawsuits. OZ Proti Korupcii (or “Against Corruption, a non-profit organization) aims to continue the work of unveiling cases of public corruption and the misuse of public funds. We want to lodge criminal complaints, to get after procedures of state organs. This is investigative and analytical work. Information will be evaluated by legal analyses and forensic reports. We will make information about this topic available via web site, press conferences, public forums, mailed letters.