As you work with young and homeless people in Iceland?

Call: B
Area: Bilaterálny fond
Organization name: Mládež ulice
Amount: 9 553 €

The project is based on the belief that an important element in the development of quality work and a positive contribution to our target groups is always open tonew inspiration and stimulus – both within the Slovak Republic as well as abroad. Aware of the risk of “bubble”, trapped in the stereotype of good practices, our goal is to get new project ideas from organizations operating in Iceland.Acquired knowledge gained internships in that country do you plan to implement internal manuals organizations. At the same time we will invite representatives of the partners in Slovakia, where they represent our activity – such as that of other cooperating organizations and we hope that we get useful feedback, it will also be able to incorporate. Achieving this objective will be an enrichment for staff and volunteers of Youth street and cooperating organizations (Home of St. John of God, Stopa Slovakia). This enrichment is passed through to clients of these organizations (children and youth, homeless people) in terms of providing better service. We believe that this partnership will help our long-term (never-ending) process of improving the quality meet.