GENERATION 2020 cross border youth network

Call: B
Area: Bilaterálny fond
Organization name: Karpatská nadácia
Amount: 9 398 €

Implementation of the project is necessary to obtain a mutal exchange of experience, know-how and information about the work of the cross-border youth organization Barents Regional Youth Council and Basen Youth Council, its cooperation with the city of Basen / Kirkenes and the youth leaders involved in the process of the creation of a multinational group of young activists – Carpathian Regional Youth Council. The aim of the project is the exchange of experience, communication and cooperation with the local governments and the organizations for youth activities. The project should strengthen the motivation for the young people to join the local and regional development through the cross-border cooperation. The target group of the project are the young people from Eastern Slovakia (the youth leaders of Carpathian regional youth council), aged 15 to 30 years and the active youth from organization Barents Regional Youth Council and Basen Youth Council of the City Basen. The role of the project partner is to pass many years of experience in the creation, leadership and management of cross-border organized activities of youth organization Barents Youth Council and its cooperation with the local and regional government. Through the partnership will be achieved the exchange of experience among the active young people and transfer of long-time experience of the Norwegian youth organizations to Slovakia, but it will also build the basis for further cooperation between young people in the future.