Encouraging municipalities engagement in refugee and migrant integration: good practices from Norway

Call: B
Area: Bilaterálny fond
Organization name: CVEK
Amount: 8 442 €

Local level and municipalities play the key role in processes of migrant and refugee integration. Current refugee crisis and following reactions of political representatives show that municipalities in Slovakia are not ready to accept migrants; nor are they ready to adopt inclusive policies ensuring social cohesion that could prevent migrants and refugees from being refused and excluded by the host populations. Moreover, social interactions and integration of migrants and refugees occur on the local level. Through execution of their competencies municipalities can thus actively help successful inclusion of all population groups. The project aims to encourage municipalities and build their capacities in the field of migrant and refugees’ inclusion, use good practices from Norway as an inspiration for municipalities in Slovakia and raise awareness of  various stakeholders about the importance of inclusion of various population groups (including migrants and refugees) in the life of the local communities. The project will benefit all relevant stakeholders, first and foremost municipalities, NGOs providing integration services to migrants and refugees, and, last but not least, migrants and refugees themselves – thanks to solid local integration policies their integration can be easier and without potential conflicts. The partner organisation NIBR will help us find relevant municipalities in Norway experienced in the field of migrant and refugee integration and start communication with them. NIBR wil also serve as a consultant during CVEK’s field trip to selected Norwegian municipalities and will provide analytical review of CVEK’s case study based on findings from the field trip. Furthermore, representative of the partner organisation will take part in the final conference in Slovakia.The project further aims to establish a long-term cooperation with NIBR that could outlast the project and contribute to effective networking between Slovakia and Norway.