SLOVAK and UNESCO representations partnership for addressing xenophobia through education

Call: B
Area: Bilaterálny fond
Organization name: Rada mládeže Žilinského kraja
Amount: 6 734,20 €

A survey taken by 780 respondents with 5% margin of error at a 95% confidence level, conducted by applicant organisation showed that of 92% young people who had previously encountered hate speech, 53% have became at least once a target. Merely 14% respondents were able to name a tool and/or an organisation to assist in case of need. European Parliament Resolution on prevention of radicalisation from 3 November 2015 calls on the Member States to target trainings and awareness-raising programs at youth (provisions 13 – 17 III and 30 IV). Slovak Ministry of Interior report on origins of radicalisation estimates 4077 Slovak citizens to be active in extremist groups. Failing to provide adequate human rights education at schools can be found among key prerequisites.Project aims at strengthening inter-sectorial and inter-departmental cooperation in combating hate speech via supplementary educational activities (e.g. seminar, study visit) focused on good practice and information sharing among state institutions, UNESCO and NGO representatives.

Primary target group consists of NGO representatives and public sector employees, secondary of migrants. Project outputs are envisaged as follows: 1 joint initiative (a 3-day seminar and a study visit) for 40 attendees; 24 non-governmental and 4 governmental partnerships for dissemination of Global Citizenship Education toolkits. International partner organisation is tasked with leading sessions on global citizenship education methodology to address hate speech. National partner organisations serve as inter-departmental network that coordinate CoE No Hate Campaign with special emphasis on xenophobia and migration crisis.