Together for tolerance

Call: B
Area: Bilaterálny fond
Organization name: KASPIAN
Amount: 4 338,44 €

We would like to react to the current social situation concerning the topic of migrants and related increase of extremism, racism and xenophobia in our society. It has a negative impact on the group of threatened children and youth with whom we work and who has started to express tendencies towards radicalisation and hatred. The goal of the project is to fight against racism and xenophobia of youth through quality training of workers and volunteers. The training will be held by the project partner – Radicalisation Prevention Consulting from Norway which specializes in such topics. Thanks to the partnership there will be mutual exchange of knowledge and know-how. We will acquire valuable information from the partner and thanks to our long-term work with children and youth also we will be able to provide our partner an inspiration for the later work. Our workers will also take part in training held by the Slovak branch of IOM (International Organization for Migration) within the project, in order to be informed about the imigration situation from the Slovak point of view as well. Thanks to the project, the primary target group – workers and volunteers from KASPIAN – will be trained, will be able to address the topics of imigration and hatred on a higher quality level, and will be able to implement newly gained knowledge into practice. Secondary target group – children and youth – will benefit from the better-skilled staff and they will get a chance to gain new information on the topic and reevalute their radical attitudes. The other outputs of the project will be a blog about the cooperation with the partner and the project as such, and bilaterally prepared article that will cover the most important knowledge concerning the fight against racism and xenophobia while working with children and youth. Thanks to the articles that will be published on the internet the impact of the project will be extended to workers with children and youth also from other organisations.