Refugees during the Holocaust

Call: B
Area: Bilaterálny fond
Organization name: EDAH o.z.
Amount: 9 792 €

Project is worth of realizing due to exchange of experiences, and methodological approaches in research, presentation, and education about the topic of Holocaust among experts in Norway and Slovakia. This Exchange of experiences should be carried out via excursion of Slovak experts in Norwegian partner institution (Jewish Museum Oslo), and the excursion of Norwegian experts to Slovakia (Museum of Jewish Culture in Bratislava, and in January 2016 to be opened Holocaust Museum in Sered). Other important factor is the cooperation of partner institutions on concrete educational event that would contain screening of the film, and include accompanying lectures of Slovak and Norwegian experts on the topic of forced migration and refugee rescue during the Holocaust. Together with our Norwegian partners, we would like to present a lifestory of Berthold Grünfeld (born in Bratislava), who, during the Holocaust, became a forced migrant to Norway and later to neutral Sweden. After the war he returned back to Norway, where he became famous and well respected professor of social medicine, psychologist, sexuologist, and a prominent contributor to public debates on the topics of freedom of decision on abortion and euthanasia. The goal of this event is to point-out and compare social paradigms during the Holocaust and today through a prism of personal story. Target group of the educational event will be mainly teachers, but also professionals and other visitors of events held both in Norway and Slovakia. Both professionals from respective institutions as well as visitors to the events will benefit from the project.