Throw away prejudices and educate ourselves together

Call: 3
Area: Human rights including minority rights
Organization name: The stronger for the weaker
Amount: 4 500 €

Children and young people in foster homes are at risk of social exclusion and the majority of population have prejudices against them. These arise from the fact that children grow up and are educated in institutionalized facilities at minimal or no contact with own family. There are many Roma children in the facilities.Through this project we want to enable children and young people from the foster homes to spend their free time and involved in community activities. The main project aim is meeting children and young people from foster home with childrens from ordinary families. Meetings will take place as joint activities in the countryside or in the city. We want to create a tolerant and inspiring area, promoting peer learning among young people from families and from the foster homes. We would like to build on the years of experience with the management of leisure activities and engage the target audience in cultural, sports and development activities. The intention is not only to act on the children themselves, but also on other inhabitants of Trenčín and throw away prejudices against young people from foster homes and the Roma minority.The project realizes 20 workshops through the informal education. In all activities we pay attention to equal opportunities for children from foster homes and families, especially at Roma children will focus on the fight against racism and discrimination. We want, that young people to be able to take care about themselves after leaving the foster house, they had built a good self-esteem, positive attitude towards the family and not feel discrimination.

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