Bystrany goes on

Call: 2
Area: Human rights including minority rights
Organization name: Úspech, n.o.
Amount: 3 525,12 €

Bystrany has 2500 Roma inhabitants.Since 1989 the Roma improved their living conditions, as evidenced by improved housing in the settlement. Most Roma still live in the settlement. They are unemployed and their average age is decreasing. Roma have not good reputation in the media and also the situation in Sheffield was described by media unilaterally and negatively.In Bystrany live active young Roma who honestly stodge through life and have few opportunities to present themselves,their ideas and the results of their activities. The project naturally follows existing mutual activities between NGO Success and young Roma (organized in “Young owls).The project helps to keep the interest of young Roma in their own lives ,their family lives and life in the settlement and in the village. The project will be helpful for young Roma in Bystrany, involve them in other activities in favor of the whole Roma community with result of positive presentation of young Roma from Bystrany and their work.