The Voice of Roma in School Policy

Call: 2
Area: Human rights including minority rights
Organization name: eduRoma - Roma education project
Amount: 4 687,20 €

One of the most pressing need for eliminating segregation and promotion of inclusive education at schools is engaging teachers and teachers´assistants in a reform process, while they have both, an opportunity to reflect their school practice; and to actively participate in educational environment change within a broader context. Project aims to improve skills of teaching staff that is in daily touch with pupils and their families; in those areas in which they can acquire competencies to effectively distinguish discriminatory practices -such as segregation in education- and to advocate for equal treatment using appropriate tools. Local resources are engaged into the project activities. By their education and training we do expect a consequent formation of positive figures at school and in community; and strengthening their active participation in effective school changes implementation. The monitoring report as a tool to influence regional conceptions of education is a project output.