End of violence, time for rights

Call: 2
Area: Human rights including minority rights
Organization name: OZ Odyseus
Amount: 44 609,23 €

The project aims to contribute to minimize the cases of violence against sex-workers. Based on preliminary monitoring are the most common committers of violence, the customers, policemen or passers-by. The project therefore aims to work with three target groups. Aim of the project will be achieved particularly by raising awareness about the rights of sex-workers, as well as highlighting the violence that is committed on them. To the police we will provide training and information-educational material from which they can gain information about methods of work with this target group. The benefit will be the gained new professional skills. For the public we prepare a campaign, which will aim to sensitize the society. We will increase the legal awareness of sex-workers through providing professional advice, articles and info-educational material. The positive outcome will be the strengthen of the ability to defend their rights. The project will be implemented in partnership with SWAN.

website: www.odyseus.org, www.drogy.org,www.hivaids.sk

contact: sexwork@ozodyseus.sk