Bridge always has two ends

Call: 2
Area: Anti-discrimination, combating of racism and xenophobia
Organization name: Mládež ulice
Amount: 29 450 €

The trend of the open hostility and the rise of extremism absorbs younger people.Standard prevention campaigns have a limited impact. Legislation can not change the motivation of young people who have added to these tendencies. It becomes apparent that we need to find a more efficient way to approach this problem.

We want to help by this project to name the way  how org. can work with target group of youngters at risk influented by extremism groups. For this result, we will be in “direct contact with their lives”. Our staff will be at sporting events, participating on the demonstrations and other events where the target groups can meet. Implement discussions with experts in this field, published professional articles of the topic. In cooperation with the foreign partners we will try to get as much knowle.about how to do it and test these procedures in practice.

The project will be implemented with aim to prepare quality written material for systematic youth work in that enviromenent.