Whistleblowers protection tools in practice

Call: 2
Area: Democracy, good governance and transparency
Organization name: Inštitút pre dobre spravovanú spoločnosť
Amount: 29 934,80 €

Exposing misconduct or illegal activity is not a common activity within the Slovak society. The project tends to change the public discourse about the whistleblowing. The aim is to affect perception of people towards whistleblowing, thus develop a trust of public in these activities. It is focused mainly on groups such as employers, employees and experts. The first phase of the project is analytical and deals with drawing of a „map of problems“. It is based on case studies and interviews with various stakeholders (whistleblowers, police, prosecutors, employers, NGOs). In the second phase the meetings of working group, will take place. They will elaborate on action plans that will lead to a proper set up of programs for whistleblowers protection. In the third phase project experts will be pilot testing the action plans in two institutions. The last phase includes a workshop for dissemination of findings and networking. The project is beneficial for NGOs, employers and employees.


website: www.governance.sk

contact: descikova@governance.sk