Let´s learn together

Call: 3
Area: Human rights including minority rights
Organization name: Volunteer Centre
Amount: 4 956 €

The aim of the project is to empower the vulnerable Roma children living in social excluded communities. The project is focused on implementation of volunteer teaching programs for Roma children in two community centers in Banská Bystrica. Teaching programs are based on the one on one principle – one volunteer is teaching one child on regular basis, minimum once a week. The project benefits for Roma children the increasing of their capacities and habits focused on regular preparation for school, to better study results, elimination of stop going to school, repeat school classes or changing the special school. The children benefit also motivation for learning, positive example and big friend and relationship. The project is realized in cooperation with town Banská Bystrica which set up community centers. The part of the project is focused on developing of minimum standards for volunteer teaching program´s implementation. The standards will help with the implementation of the programs after the project in Centrum dobrovolnictva and also in other organization and communities in the future.     


web: www.centrumdobrovolnictva.sk

contact: cd@centrumdobrovolnictva.sk