Don’t judge a book by its cover

Call: 2
Area: Human rights including minority rights
Organization name: Amnesty International Slovensko
Amount: 4 049,55 €

The conventional eduction does not support the brainstroming on the sensitive issues. The youth lack the contact with the minority. They get the information from one official source only and do not challenge their attitudes. The idea of The living books is to speak up the real experience by the real person from a real point of view. The living book brings an extraordinary story – Roma „reads“ his/her lifestory and answers the questions of the audience / readers afterwards. They question his/her experience and feelings to get to the depth of the story and intensively live the experience with The living book. It breaks the stereotypes and prejudice, it helps to build up a new and own view and makes the readers to reconsider their attitudes, which are the aims of this project.

Activities: organising The living libraries, training of The living books, publicity, short video of The living book

Objectives: Roma youth will gain new skills and experience, creating Roma volunteering network.