We are not alone

Call: 3
Area: Gender equality and combating gender-based violence
Organization name: Saplinq
Amount: 14 967 €

The project is focused on empowerment transgender people through building up their self-advocacy skills (specifically in the contact with health care providers) and on building active community by the development of peer counseling among this group. Main tool to achieve this are training sessions, which will transfer experience and good practice achieved in NGO TransFúzia within the last 5 years. Goal of the project is to systematize counseling services, create training system and train people from the chosen regions to provide quality counseling services.The project consists of three main parts: 1. (October 2015) Analyses of already provided counseling services and their systematization; 2.(November – December 2015) Design of counseling toolkit and training; 3. (January – March 2016) Execution of trainings, development of support network of trainees, preparation of acreditation at Ministry. Counseling services will be provided during the whole project.Project outcomes:1. 15 people will be trained in providing counseling services;2. Network of trained counselors for their mutual support and further building of trans community;3. Database of counseling services for the research and statistic purposes;4. Toolkit „Counseling for trans people“;5. Training „Counseling for trans people“;6. Application for accreditation for specialized social counseling at Ministry.

web : www.saplinq.org

contact : info@saplinq.org