Personality of Judge – Key to Good Judiciary

Call: 1
Area: Democracy, good governance and transparency
Organization name: VIA IURIS
Amount: 104 925,10 €

The most serious problems of Slovak judicial system are rooted not in its institutional design, but rather judges. Selection of persons for this profession and also selection of judges to various judicial offices is vital from this point of view.  Nevertheless, it is also important to support judges’ set values in terms of professional ethics. Due to these reasons, VIA IURIS has been engaged in these fields for longer period. In the proposed project, we would like to monitor selections of judges (general courts, Constitutional Court) and selection of candidates for important judicial positions (Heads of Courts, membership in Judicial Council, etc.). The monitoring will serve two purposes: it will be an exercise of public control, and at the same time, it will be an expert feedback to legality and quality of selection/appointment procedures. In area of judicial ethics, it is important to focus not only on having a good quality Code of Ethics, but also education of judges.