Partnership for a creative Bratislava

Call: 2
Area: Democracy, good governance and transparency
Organization name: A4 - asociácia združeníe pre súčasnú kultúru
Amount: 44 316 €

The decentralization of public administration has moved many competencies from the state to self-governing cities and regions. However, in the cultural domain no substantial reforms have taken place since. City of Bratislava and the Bratislava Region are still missing strategies for cultural development based on current needs. An absence of substantial support of civic activities and infrastructures, despite their key contribution to the cultural life, threatens the survival of creative sector. Project is a follow-up to existing initiatives of A4 and other NGOs. A series of bottom-up activities (roundtables, discussions, seminars, conferences, website, exhibition, analysis and networking of independent operators) in partnership with the municipality aims to initiate implementation of new tools in cultural policies of the city and region, framed by current discourse about creative economies. These should lead to the creation and implementation of necessary tools for cultural policy.