Support and assistance for women suffering from violence and their children through implementation of programs for perpetrators of violence

Call: 2
Area: Gender equality and combating gender-based violence
Organization name: Aliancia žien Slovenska
Amount: 35 302,50 €

International researches show that a perpetrator has been rarely accused and punished and his violent behaviour stops only when he decides to do so. In Slovakia, the only reaction to violence against women has so far been only helping and supporting victims and their children. In other countries (beginning with Duluth 30 years ago), experts and NGOs already conduct long educational activities aiming at changing the perpetrator belief on gender stereotypes and his role in a relation.

In this present project we want to fulfil formal education of our leading lector so that he becomes a guarantee for the future development and dissemination of the perpetrators educational programmes; we want to analyse legislation situation in Slovakia, preparing its amendments; work with media and to create a short film, which explains and educates and will serve also as a tool of our prevention activities; and also to start the pilot educational course of perpetrators.