Supporting the implementation of Slovakia’s obligations in the area of women’s human rights to promote systemic changes in the elimination and prevention of discrimination against women, including gender based violence, by public institutions

Call: 1
Area: Rodová rovnosť a boj proti rodovo podmienenému násiliu
Organization name: Občan, demokracia a zodpovednosť
Amount: 68 750 € €

National and international commitments and obligations concerning women’s human rights are insufficiently reflected in public policies, resulting in discrimination against women in various areas, incl. disrespectful or even violent behaviour by public institutions.

The project objective is to promote systemic changes to eliminate and prevent discrimination against women (on the labour market, in healthcare etc.), with the main focus on women’s right to autonomy, integrity and human dignity.

By promoting democratic human right values, the project will contribute to removing long-term and systemic discrimination against women, incl. gender based violence. It will involve monitoring and analysis of the current state of play, advocacy, litigation and watchdog activities to address selected problems and propose legislative and policy changes.

Project outcomes will involve systemic changes to aid women suffering from discrimination in all its forms (incl. institutionalised ones).”