Promoting Networking Processes of Women’s NGOs Working in the Field of Violence against Women with a view to Creating a Formal Nationalal Network

Call: 2
Area: Gender equality and combating gender-based violence
Organization name: Fenestra
Amount: 47 385,20 €

Creation of a national network of women’s NGOs in the field of violence against women is an important step for securing systematic help and support for women experiencing violence and their children, as well as an important tool for creating pressure on the Slovak government aiming at meeting its obligations under international and national treaties  and documents in this area. This project will contribute to empowerment of women’s NGOs, as well as to their stronger voice in advocacy and watchdog activities and promoting system changes in the field of gender based violence. Women experiencing such violence and their children will benefit from the project. The project main activity is promotion of networking processes among women’s NGOs working in the field of violence against women, which will, in long term, lead to the creation of a formal national network of such NGOs.The project target groups are women’s NGOs and women experiencing violence.