Strengthening knowledge and skills of NGO’s targeted at children and youth at risk

Call: 3
Area: Human rights including minority rights
Organization name: SPOKOJNOSŤ - social services center, non profit
Amount: 8 000 €

The main target of the project is to strengthening the capacity of NGO and improve its position in local and regional scales/measures. Content is the methodology of non-formal vocational training social workers (employees and volunteers NGOs) and implemented and testing methodology in practice. Part of the vocational training will also be psychologically activities to provide the mental and emotional stability NGO staff. Completion of relaxation and release techniques to create its own staff skills – how to help himself, to help his colleague at work. There will be different forms of a newly acquired skills also useful for working with clients. Implementation of the project to improve professional skills and knowledge of our social workers, consolidating morale and increase motivation. Working out a methodology prepare the background for lifelong learning staff, extension our activities and increase the sustainability of the organization. The methodology will be freely available online for other NGOs working in the social field. At the end of the project we realize workshop with external NGOs and a round table with the participation of school staff and representatives of the municipality Prievidza. Both actions create a platform for sharing experiences, creating partnerships and strengthening of NGOs at local and regional level.

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