Strengthening institutional protection and improving access to justice in cases of police violence in Slovakia

Call: 2
Area: Human rights including minority rights
Organization name: Poradňa pre občianske a ľudské práva
Amount: 33 588,40 €

The project aims to improve the institutional protection and access to justice in cases of police violence in Slovakia. Effective investigation of these cases in line with international legal standards is essential to strengthen citizens’ trust in the state bodies that ensure access to justice. It is also crucial for prevention of such cases in our society. Within the project, we will monitor cases of police violence with an emphasis on the cases against disadvantaged members of Roma minority, which implies possible racial motivation of the violence. We will provide free legal assistance in criminal proceedings and will point out the serious shortcomings in the investigation of the cases of police violence by the responsible state body – The Control Inspection Service of the Ministry of Interior. The projects will increase public support for reform changes in this area, which necessarily includes the creation of fully independent body to investigate crimes of members of the police.