Law for all

Call: 3
Area: Human rights including minority rights
Organization name: Zdruzenie STORM
Amount: 14 300 €

Low awareness of people’s human rights and rights in general often leads to violations. The affected persons are not aware that their rights are violated and therefore do not seek redress. In practice we encounter this problem among clients of the Association STORM, who are injecting drug users and people working in street sex business.The project stems from the need of knowledge of their rights and their knowledge of ways protection and enforcement. In working with target groups we certifies years of direct contact in their natural environment. For this reason, we will be part of the project in this way contact and inform about their rights and encourage them to free use of legal aid if they get into a situation where their rights have been violated.We will focus on trained staff associations in the promotion and protection of human rights workers and police force in order to highlight the rights of persons who frequently stands on the edge of society. It is important in our view, enhancing cooperation between workers of associations and police force in favor of the client.