PRIDE Rainbow Košice – We are in this together

Call: 2
Area: Anti-discrimination, combating of racism and xenophobia
Organization name: Saplinq
Amount: 4 189,50 €

The project addresses the lack of public understanding and knowledge about various marginalised groups and minorities (women, Roma, Hungarians, Jews, Ruthenians, disabled people, etc.). This ignorance leads to bias and discrimination and it often starts already in young age. Therefore, we want to present these groups at PRIDE Rainbow Košice, a human rights event, through numbers of various bands and holding public discussions that will bring those groups closer to general public. In this way, people will have the opportunity to learn more about the current situation and challenges that these groups face. Apart from that, workshops will be held at secondary schools with the aim to sensitize young people towards differences and educate them in human rights.