Misery in Slovakia / with experiences boost awareness of teen – agers to vulnerable group of Gipsies and remove discriminatory and racial behaviour

Call: 2
Area: Anti-discrimination, combating of racism and xenophobia
Organization name: Divadlo Pôtoň
Amount: 59 978,80 €

Realisation of project is necessary on the ground of the identified problem – accrual of the aid to ultraconservative neofascist political parties and globally the aid of neofascist with public, what is threat to teen-agers behaviour and their acting. The aim of the project is supporting of the vulnerable group, Gipsies, with who working partner´s association of the project, on the ground of sociable education, with experiences. Project is filling up the aim with activities: up-dating of the background research of the identified problem; creating network of target group; publicity in the media; 20 events named: With experience against the hate; documentary artistic research; residences of artists; round-table; inquiry with the target and vulnerable group; blogs of partake groups. The prime target group is teen-agers, seconde are teachers, third are families and close relationships; quarterly is general public. The group with benefits of the project is vulnerable group of the Gipsies.

website: www.poton.sk

contact: jurcova@poton.sk