Young Roma students election competencies development

Call: 2
Area: Human rights including minority rights
Organization name: PROVENTUS
Amount: 4 500 €

The mission of this project is to educate future Roma voters/leaders in knowledge of their human and civil rights as well as the electoral values and thus strengthen their electoral literacy through practical experiential learning. The aim of this project is to create training material under supervision of education, political science and social work experts. Scope of projects includes modern educational material in the form of ppt presentation, part of the project is also a course for teachers with the theme of pupils electoral competencies building. Indirect outcome of the project is the electoral anticorruption  prevention contribution by increasing training and legal awareness on the subject. Implementation of the project is trying to achieve longlasting change in thinking and practical competences in the field of values ​​and human rights for young roma citizens which is the main target group of the project.