Strong citizens – accountable public power

Call: 2
Area: Democracy, good governance and transparency
Organization name: Aliancia Fair Play
Amount: 33 215 €

Project is part of a strategy of AFP. Current trends pose a threat to democracy and rule fo law. Lead to powerlessness and radicalisation. Focused efforts will be prepared to highlight harmful consequences of power misuse, ignorance to corruption, ineffective judiciary. Only strong citizens who punish politicians for rule breaking and obide by the rules, contribute to lasting democracy. Information about tangible cases will help voters to understand what is happening. Cases will be used as a base to education in form of playful graphics, video, audio or web outputs. They will help to explain consequences of rule breaking. Cases also help AFP to understand the actual practice and present effective solutions. They stir interest of the audience during face to face meetings and bring up-to-date moments for mobilisation and campaigns. The project results in concrete campaigns, analysed cases, protected public interest, drafts for solutions, protected public money, legal petitions.