Slovakia for all

Call: 2
Area: Democracy, good governance and transparency[:
Organization name: Nadácia Petit Academy
Amount: 25 596 €

The integration of Slovak Roma is advancing slowly due to ineffective and non-transparent use of public funds. There is lack of state control where public funding is used for Roma development projects. Paradoxically, the Roma are blamed for this state in the public debate.

The project aims to monitor public funding spending, enhance awareness about the real use of public funding, about the violations of elementary democratic principles, such as equal access to education, and the job market.

At the same time the project will give voice to Roma by organizing 3-month journalistic internships for 2 Roma students/graduates. The internship will take place in SME opinion daily and its primary focus will be on reporting about human rights and minorities.

The project will: increase pressure on efficient and transparent public spending, contribute to a more positive public image of the Roma, and engage Roma in monitoring public funds that are allocated for Roma projects.