Team Cooperation in Family Empowerment Using Family Group Conferencing

Call: 3
Area: Democracy, good governance and transparency
Organization name: Society of Friends of Children from Children's Homes Smile as a Gift
Amount: 14 895 €

One is lucky, if he can grow up in loving and functioning family. Unfortunately, many families are not able to provide harmonic background to their children. These are the families, we want to support and empower them to create healthy environment, which will saturate all needs of their children. Family Group Conferencing (FGC), used in many countries around the world, is an innovative model used at work with families at risk. Almost 100 employees and trained fellow-workers of Smile as a Gift are engaged in social work with the families in all regions of Slovakia and in Ukrainian Zakarpatyia Region. The model they use at their work is FGC, which emphasizes responsibility of the family and its community for finding out solution of its own problems and mobilises internal potential of the family and community. Project activities are aimed at inevitable cooperation of key players in the process of family reunification and stabilisation (family-community-NGO-school-municipality-state) and use of FGC in family reunification and stabilisation using also experience and best practices of experienced international partners. Activities give space to presentation of FGC model to key players, discussing conditions and possibilities of spreading FGC use in Slovakia, upgrading FGC methodology and publishing it, as well as create practical opportunities to apply the model and test cooperation of key players in empowering the families.

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