Wheelchair Driving Licence

Call: 3
Area: Human rights including minority rights
Organization name: Bez bariér n.o.
Amount: 4 858,42 €

The aim of the project is to use a simple activity (wheelchair control training) to build bridges between majority and young people with disability. A half-day training would be offered to high schools and colleges. Students should acquire practical skill of wheelchair control in addition to the empathetic view into the lives of the young people with handicap.The project is also aimed at the development of a vulnerable group of young people with handicap as they will be working as lectors. For the majority of them this will be first employment in their lives. In addition they will take unusual role of those knowing more and passing the skill further. Therefore we would like to work on their motivation, work skills, responsibility, self value and self-confidence within the supervision meetings of the Independence Club.The project should be also strengthening of the organization as the training should be paid for in the future and become one of the sources of the income for the organization and young people with handicap. In addition we would also like to work with the group of students and offer them possibility to become a volunteer.

web : http://www.bezbarierno.com

contact : bezbarierno@gmail.com