We can handle this

Call: 3
Area: Democracy, good governance and transparencyverejných
Organization name: Guide and Assistance Dog Training School
Amount: 9 000 €

By the project “WE can handle this” we want to create  action at law and suggestions to ensure following of the European Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. This would be made by trained and prepared blind people with guide dog themselves. Group of blind would attend 5-days training, become representatives of a wider community, they would visit and monitor at least 100 public institutions, they would ask for information they need in their everyday life. Through suggesting concrete regulations and changes and by realizing a round-table meeting with NGOs´ and relevant public institutions´ representatives, we want to eliminate these 2 problems:  – access to public buildings, as well as to buildings of state and self-government institutions buildings with a guide dog – achieve an accessible way of providing information to blind and partially -sighted people.

web: www.vodiacipes.sk

contact: info@vodiacipes.sk