Education opens the way

Call: 3
Area: Anti-discrimination, combating of racism and xenophobia
Organization name: Ulita
Amount: 4 262 €

Marginalization in the labor market is often a primary source of poverty and ultimately means exclusion from the living standards and life chances in the usual spoločnosti.Medzi most important factors included:low education and qualification level, the presence of hidden discrimination against the Roma ethnic group by the majority population,respectively employers(reputation of unreliable workers without work ethics, discipline and motivation).According to the theory Council,Roma are always the last row in the imaginary seekers with employers who are governed solely by market principles;low status housing, living conditions and the poor state of health. Also due to the fact that Our clients are also children and young people of Roma ethnicity, the project we focused mainly on increasing the level of education and practical training of basic skills for better quality of life for children and youth in the community center with emphasis on the fundamental issues relating to employment. The main aim is to improve knowledge of discrimination by raising awareness of children and young people about their rights and obligations as well as the benefits of diversity.Through educational activities aimed at combating discrimination we want to achieve real change in the fight against discrimination.Through educational činnsoti we also want children and young people to achieve recognition of the fact-the higher the qualification, the wider the possibilities for success in the labor market.