Female First Educational Campaign

Call: 3
Area: Gender equality and combating gender-based violence
Organization name: CHARACTER - Film Development Association
Amount: 15 000 €

The educational campaign that aims to incite interest of students and pedagogues in major female characters of Slovak history, is central to this project. To this day, these female characters are overshadowed by their male counterparts. While their stories evolved in different historical contexts, all of them were the “First” practitioners of different professions and their stories should certainly not disappear from our collective memory. The project fills an acute gap in attractive educational information and counteracts the prevailing indifference of students to demanding topics. The educational campaign consists of 3 parts – campaign in online media, series of pilot discussions in selected schools and presentation of project in mainstream media. Young people, pedagogues and general public will learn about social contributions of ten female characters in historical context in short videos presented in social media. Directors and authors of documentaries and other respected public figures will co-present the ten personalities. In their testimonies they will strengthen their relevance to present day and by doing so will increase the attractiveness of videos for our focus groups. The focused testimonies will also work as trailers to individual films. Schools and pedagogues with active interest in gender equality topics will be selected to take part in the project and will hold 7 screenings followed by discussions. The discussion topics will link the topic of each documentary film, historical gender equality perspective with its relevance today (in cooperation with NGOs Aspekt and Freedom of Choice). Pilot debates will be recorded and feedback from students and pedagogues will be gathered via questionnaires. Recommendations on format and content of future discussions will be elaborated in the electronic Manual for pedagogues of social studies subjects.

web: http://www.character-fda.eu/

contact: character@character-fda.eu