WhatCity? Fórum

Call: 3
Area: Democracy, good governance and transparency
Organization name: PUNKT
Amount: 10 000 €

Conference WhatCity? is the series of presentations and workshops looking for new urban strategies and economic models of collaboration for more quality life in Bratislava. The professionals in design, architecture and urbanism are invited to come to Bratislava to discuss with local public and NGOs about the current problems of public space, and educate the citizens. After 2 years of holding the conference WhatCity?, there is the need to use the potential of the cross-sectoral expertise discussion for broader impact on urban plans of the city Bratislava. The main aim of the project “WhatCity? Forum” is to involve local representatives and employees of municipality into platform, of both local and foreign experts, NGOs and citizens, and commonly discuss the vision, more effective development of Bratislava. The themes of the following two conferences will be based on current issues that Municipality of Bratislava is proceeding in decision in upcoming periods. The topics will Municipality share half year in prior to the decision process to the conference organizers. Through the tools such as presentation, and meetings (either workshops or roundtables, the form to be decided based on the theme) there will be the active confrontation amongst the active citizens and representatives of Municipality. The key factor for success of this project, is that the initiative and willingness to increase the participation of the city plans with citizens is coming from Municipality Bratislava. The result of the project will be raised interest in public themes by both public and professionals, and active participation. Secondly, the representatives from the Municipality will be facing the citizens in person that can lead to 1. more personal contact with the public and representatives 2. greater degree of responsibility for decisions.

web : www.punkt.sk

contact : zavarska@punkt.sk