Changing attitudes towards gender-based violence, with emphasis on Roma communities

Call: 3
Area: Gender equality and combating gender-based violence
Organization name: AMARO NIPO - civic association
Amount: 12 390 €

The project if focused on the topic of gender-based violence in Roma communities, with emphasis on the change in selected communities in Nitra region. The Aim is to strengthen active citizenship through mobilization acitivites for women and sensitising campaign focused on youth, with emphasis on Roma youth. The significant output of the project is a bulleting “Vakeriben pal o romnija” (Women’s stories), stories from life capturing the concrete acts of gender-based violence. This bulletin will be used as a source material for the work with other groups of women, as well as the base of arguments to influence public policies. International Women’s Day 2016 should be the opportunity to present the outcomes of the project. The second activity is related to the work with young people, with emphasis on young Roma. Through short video spots we want draw their attention to certain acts of gender-based violence, and shape their attitude towards these acts of violence during the workshops. The output of this activity, except the video spots, will be series of photo posters, which will be useful in presenting the views of the youth. The final event is a workshop with government stakeholders and NGO representatives at regional level.