Dignified Life – Right not Privilege

Call: 1
Area: Human rights including minority rights
Organization name: Združenie na pomoc ľuďom s mentálnym postihnutím
Amount: 104 976 €

The aim of the project is to continue on our previous work (initiative on reform of tutorship in Slovakia). We will prepare the recommendations, that would help in the implementation phase of preparing legislation changes: proposal of procedural decrees on hearing on legal act capacity; proposal on legal regulation on tutorship (quality standards, control mechanisms, ethical code,…). We will prepare the manual on process of removing of legal act capacity which should be important tool for families, as well as the manual on theme of personal responsibility. We will include people with intellectual disabilities in the process of accepting the responsibility for their own lives through the selfadvocacy meetings. We will work out the model of lifelong complex comunity based care of people with intelectual disability. We will promote the changes together with the target groups – in accordance with the aim – to respect and to exercise the rights of people with intelellectual disabilities.


website: www.zpmpvsr.sk

contact: misova@zpmpvsr.sk